10 Steps To Handstand

feel hot yoga 10 steps to handstand workshop

With Steve Heath, assisted by Lora Espancho.

hether you’re a total novice, or on the way to Handstanding, this workshop is for you. We will take you, step by step, through 10 specific drills. These include:

  • how to build straight arm strength
  • how to set your hands properly
  • how to use your fingertips for control and balance
  • how to open and align the shoulders correctly to control your pelvis precisely
  • how to build core stability
  • how to lengthen and align the spine
  • how to use your breath efficiently
  • how to exit safely how to relax when you’re doing all this!

With assistance throughout, you’ll build a new level of confidence. Plus an improved awareness that you can carry into all Yoga.

We look forward to seeing you. Maybe even up on your hands!

Saturday 26th October 2019
Feel St Albans


Early bird deal £25 if you book before 30th September.
Platinum, Silver & Off-peak members 20% off when booked in studio.

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