Another Level (6 week course)

feel hot yoga another level workshop

With Toby Gillingham.

This course came about when we asked our teachers where did they go when they wanted to develop their own practice. This course is the answer to that. It is designed for those who would like to take their practice to another level. It is aimed at both teachers and students who would benefit form a more challenging experience. We are delighted to introduce Toby Gillingham, who will be teaching this course. Over the last 17 years of teaching & practising yoga Toby has in his own words: “I have spent years learning multiple physical and spiritual disciplines, uncovering the connective tissue that links physicality, philosophy and spirituality so that I may share it with you.” The course will focus on:

  • Unification / Coalescing
    As we work through the strong vinyasa sequence you will start to see that all postures, no matter how advanced, are really all one posture.

  • Strong Ujai, Strong Vinyasa, Strong Practice
    We will look at how strong breathing can tie to specific movements to increase the power of your practice.

  • Fundamentals of Inverting
    Building the confidence and technique to properly support yourself when going upside down. This will lead to:  
    – The prep for a range of inversions
    Wherever you and your practice are, there will be the prep work to go onto your head, forearms or hands confidently.

    – Go deep
    Once we start to unify your practice, we will be more able to explore your end rangemotion and find deep flexibility.

  • Tie it back to the start
    Once we find ourselves doing an advanced practice we must bring it back to the fundamentals… are we doing yoga? What does that even mean? We will bridge the gap between a deep physical practice and yogic philosophy.

Starts Sunday 13th October 2019
Feel St Albans

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