Arm Balances (4 week course)

feel hot yoga arm balances course

Arm balances feel like the ultimate pose to work towards.  The key to a perfect arm balance is alignment rather than strength.

Contrary to popular belief balancing on your arms does not mean having strong arms and putting all your weight on them but rather learning control and alignment to engage other muscle groups (like your core) and counterbalance so that your arms hold the least amount of weight possible.

Join Marianne to deconstruct and look at the mechanics and engineering of your arm balance.  Even if you’ve never tried it before there will be something for everyone.

Course numbers are limited to 12 people.

Mondays starting 3rd June 2019
Feel Watford
6.45 – 8.15pm


Early bird deal £60 if you book before 15th May
Usual terms and conditions apply.

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