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Yoga Saves Lives!

On Monday, news broke about an incredible story of survival at sea. Kay Longstaff, a 46-year-old British passenger on a …

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Yoga for Surfers

Some of you may be hitting the coasts this summer and maybe your surfboard too, so here is a useful …

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Healthy Vegan Pancakes

Hands up if you love pancakes! This simple pancake recipe is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and oil-free! Enjoy pancakes with all …

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Uh oh!

Don’t forget to observe Shaucha, the niyama of purity and cleanliness, by changing your pants soon after practicing. Read this …

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Need Inspiration?

If you need inspiration to get through the week (and get onto your yoga mat!) then look no further! 19 …

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Moby Music Giveaway

Moby music giveaway

Moby gives away four hours of ambient music designed for yoga or meditation. Read more about it courtesy of Magnetic …

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