Past Events

Chakra Meditation Workshop

chakra meditation workshop with denise gaskell

Chakras are energy centres in the body that affect our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our lifestyle choices, life experiences …

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Assisted Stretching

feel hot yoga assisted stretching workshop

This workshop is ideal for anyone who has ever thought they would like to increase their flexibility.  Let Danielle help …

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Mindfulness Workshop


In this 2 hour workshop we will be exploring some key aspects of mindfulness through exercises and meditations. It’s a …

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Welcome to the Wheel

fhyw wheel workshop

The yoga wheel is an incredibly versatile and fun prop. You can do almost anything on it. Stretch, roll, backbend, …

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10 Steps To Handstand

With assistance throughout, you’ll build a new level of confidence. And an improved awareness that you can carry into all …

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Understanding The Core

Have you ever wondered what teachers are really talking about when they mention the core? In this 2.5 hour interactive …

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Aroma Yoga Workshop

Yoga is a healing practice both physically and spiritually, and when we add therapeutic grade essential oils into the mix, …

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Partner Yoga Workshop

We are very excited to bring you something a little different to enrich your life and yoga practice! Our wonderful, …

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Feels Festive Sunday!

Starting at 10.30-13:00 have some fun with our Festive Flow with Steve. We’ll stop for a delicious lunch from 1 …

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