Gong Bath

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The “Gong Bath” or “Sound Bath”, is an ancient technique that produces an incredible sense of well-being through the vibration of all the water within the body (as our our bodies are made up 80% water this can be a totally immersive and unforgettable experience).

Every Gong Bath is a very personal experience, depending on where you are on your journey through life. Maybe you never meditated (but somehow you found your way here) or maybe you already practice meditation or mindfulness. Gong Meditation is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get into a deep meditative state.

The shifting frequencies and rhythms of the gong lead the brain effortlessly into theta & alpha brain waves, stimulate all cells in the body and promote states of deep calm, clarity & mindfulness. The sounds can be as quiet as a whisper or a roar of intense, primal power that can be felt traveling in and around the body.

We invite you to experience a new sense of calm, to feel utterly serene, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sunday 6th October 2019
Feel St Albans


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