How To Live Healthy

“Most of us only think about health when we don’t have it.”

But what is optimum health and how can we shift our mindset so that taking consistent action in service of our wellbeing becomes our natural tendency? Where we no longer need to force ourselves to stick to a difficult diet regime, with the hope that we can stop it once we feel better, but where every action comes from a clear desire to be healthy. Optimum health is a lifestyle and it all starts with choice!”

Join us at The Wellbeing Cafe for Gabriela’s fascinating talk, which will introduce you to a radical new way of thinking, which will not only serve your own wellbeing but also that of other sentient beings and the planet as a whole. The lifestyle choice she would like to share with you in this talk is one that respects all beings, has its roots in raw, plant-based foods and challenges us to make conscious choices from a place of love, compassion and kindness. There will be plenty of time for Q&A after her talk.

Book online via MindBody, through the studio in person or over the phone.

Saturday 23rd February 2019
The Wellbeing Cafe Watford


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