Inversions (4 week course)

feel hot yoga headstand handstand workshop

With Marianne Williams.

Both Head and Shoulder Stands have so many benefits for the body.

But, can seem a little daunting to get into. They can feel uncomfortable. To much compression on the upper body, or it may feel like your legs are never going to go up !!

Over the 4 weeks we will be looking at the structure of both postures. Breaking them down to be able to build the perfect foundation to be able to go upside down and feel the same as if we were standing the right way up!!

We will also be looking at different variations of the posture and different ways we can strengthen our bodies to be able to hold the posture effortlessly.

Mondays Starting 7th October 2019
Feel Watford


Early bird deal £60 if you book before 15th September.

Usual terms and conditions apply.

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