Letting In The Light

feel hot yoga letting in the light workshop

With Shasha Crow.

Are you feeling that you have lost your light or momentum?

Are you feeling that you have lost your light or momentum, or do you feel that you would like your light to shine brighter from within? Join us for yoga, mantra and guided mediation and invite the light to saturate your body and being.

OM SURYAYA NAMAHA is the mantra known as the Dispeller of Darkness. This powerful invocation dispels our own ignorance of our true nature as beings of light. It is one of the solar mantras we will be using to render our bodies a channel through which the light is free to pour.

Expect a luxurious flow, ecstatic breath and blissful surrender. The practice will culminate in a meditation restoring light to all parts of our awareness.

As we invoke and allow the light back into our bodies and energy, we will recognize that the power of lightness, of love, of recovery, of healing and of joy can be accessed at any time.

Come and enjoy this class that will make a real difference to your practice.

Sunday 9th February 2020
Feel St Albans


Early bird deal £25 if pre-booked before 20th January 2020.
Platinum, Silver & Off-peak members 20% off when booked in studio.

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