Meditation For Beginners

feel hot yoga meditation for beginners workshop

Sunday 26th April 2020
@ Feel St Albans

With Nina Sebastiane.
Feeling good is something all of us strive for. The pressure of trying to juggle our daily commitments of work and life can be hard. Sometimes it all feels a little overwhelming.

Acute responses to those pressures can manifest in lots of ways, everything from fatigue, irritability, insomnia to anxiety, heart palpitations and depression.

Understanding ways that each of us can self help when times are difficult is a life skill that can make a big difference.

This 2 and a quarter hour Meditation for Beginners workshop is aimed at those with little or no meditation experience but are curious to explore
different ways to quickly and effectively calm the mind and still the senses.

We will look at both eastern and western approaches and sample techniques from both philosophies. This is a very practical workshop – starting with a short warm and gentle yoga session to prepare the body for deeper practices, then moving through 5 different meditation styles and taking time to self reflect on the benefits of each.


Early bird deal £25 if booked before 15th March.
Platinum, Silver & Off-peak members 20% off when booked in studio.

Usual terms and conditions apply.

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Here at Feel Hot Yoga and Wellbeing we LOVE using yoga props! Not only do they help keep your practice safe and strong, but they are also a fun way to explore your practice. Yoga straps are so versatile and we would recommend having one to hand during every practice. Here are some great ways to put your strap to use:

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