Our teachers

The teachers who will guide you through your chosen yoga session have come from a wealth of study backgrounds including Bikram, Sivananda Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Anusara. Every teacher who works at feel shares one belief – yoga knowledge needs to be shared. With this in mind you will often find our teachers taking each other’s classes and continuing their learning. All our classes share one commonality – a dynamic series of poses (asanas) to warm, stimulate, energise, invigorate and ultimately calm the body and mind.
  • Nina’s yoga journey began back in 1998. Practicing at the local Iyengar centre a friend suggested she tried hot yoga. After just one session she was hooked. “I loved the power and dynamic nature of the sessions and at the end of every session felt like I had worked every cell in my body but totally calm yet energized”.

    In 2005 Nina moved to Herts with her family and her regular searches for a local studio drew a blank. In the end there was only one option – to go to teacher training and open Herfordshire’s first hot yoga studio. “I have realised a dream – teaching this incredible and life changing form of yoga and being able work together with some of the county’s finest teachers here at Feel”.

  • I have been practising yoga for 16 years and teaching for four, having qualified as a teacher with the RYT 500 hours Feel Hot Yoga training diploma.

    I teach all levels and abilities. I have specialised in teaching athletes, equestrians, and people with conditions including back problems.

    My passion for yoga comes from the joy I experience both as student and teacher.

    My yoga practice is part of my daily life and brings me inner and outer strength and flexibility. It helps me to accept life as it comes.
As a teacher I witness the positive difference a regular practice makes to the lives of others.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to pass on my love and knowledge of yoga to others. Yoga makes the world a better and happier place to be.

  • David had an active interest in Yoga for many years and was fortunate enough to practice at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Letchmore Heath, with a wonderful spiritual atmosphere,being the only institution where Hindu priests are formally trained. This gave him a more traditional yogic background and an in depth understanding and appreciation of yoga teachings and philosophy.

    David is probably our toughest teacher, he’ll really make you sweat… You have been warned. When not working with adult yogis, he enjoys sharing his teaching knowledge through schools and local childrens clubs.

    David’s passion for yoga stemmed from his fascination with sports science and anatomy. Realizing the benefits of yoga in relation to improved injury recovery times and optimizing sports performance, lead him to marry up the yoga with the heat. He hasn’t looked back since. His tangible affinity with asanas and anatomy make his classes informative, unpredictable and fun.

    David’s love of meditational and relaxation techniques are evident in his classes through silent practice or vocalised Mantras. When not teaching, you’ll find David practicing on a mat next to you.

  • Steve came to Yoga through one-to-one sessions with a Sivananda Yogi. This instilled in him a deep connection with the breath – a connection which is fundamental to the way he teaches. He has practised different styles, including Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Kundalini and Iyengar. Steve graduated from Feel’s Teacher Training College and now teaches regularly at Feel. As well as Hatha/Flow [‘Yang’], he also teaches Yin classes. These embody his belief in absolute balance, and the sheer power of the breath to take us where we never expected”.
  • After 15 years in the fitness industry, Marianne began to study Ashtanga yoga before qualifying to teach, having gained her RYS at “It’s Yoga” in San Francisco under the tutelage of Larry Schultz in 2005. Ever since then, Marianne has been a big believer in practicing under as many esteemed teachers as possible in order the gain the most well rounded knowledge of yoga.

    Countless retreats and workshops have not only served to deepen her practice as a student, but also her knowledge as a yoga teacher. In 2016, Marianne gained the prestigious Senior Yoga Teacher qualification having clocked up over 4000 hours teaching.

    With Marianne you can expect a physically strong, direct class with a hands on approach to alignment and posture correction. Prepare to challenge yourself and test your practice to the sounds of everything from Cafe del Mar to funky house, a nod to her misspent youth.

  • Kas began practicing yoga in 2004. she attended Ashtanga and Hatha yoga classes over the years and thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of a regular yoga practice. To deepen her in 2014 Kas trained with Feel Hot Yoga. Kas also completed a Yin/Yang with mindfulness meditation training with Sarah Powers to deepen her awareness of self-practice and strength yoga training with Broga uk . Yoga is about building a relationship with your mind and body and allowing both to communicate with each other with awareness and respect. Creating space for a profound and transformational process to occur”.
  • Charlotte was introduced to yoga by her husband, and was keen to try a different form of exercise. Very quickly she began to see, and feel, the benefits of applying herself to a new physical discipline. Enjoying the challenge of combining body, mind and breath in movement, Charlotte undertook the RYT500 FHY Teacher Training diploma in St Albans and qualified with a distinction.

    Her exploration into yoga has brought her to the place where she wants to see others develop their strengths, physically and personally, and to be a part of their yoga journey.

  • Penny’s background is in sports coaching and more specifically swim coaching. She swam competitively as a teenager and carried on training as a masters swimmer until a few years ago. She has also enjoyed running for many years but sustained a chronic hamstring injury, which finally meant that she had to give up the running. Penny started taking yoga classes to help repair the injury and almost immediately became hooked. “I love dynamic yoga and love working in the heat. I think that this type of yoga appeals more to the sports person, as one can feel and see the results on the body so quickly”. She has recently qualified as a Yoga Alliance 200 hrs Teacher”.
  • With a background in Biochemistry with Physiology and current career managing Oncology drug trials in patients, Gus brings a scientific approach to Yoga with a focus on correct alignment as a foundation to building a safe practice.

    Gus is passionate about health and well-being, meditation and believes leading a holistic lifestyle is important in the prevention of “dis-ease”. Gus has been attending week long silent retreats since 2014.

    A keen sportsman and having practiced a number of martial arts- obtaining a black belt in Ninjitsu, Gus initially explored Yoga not only to further help improve his flexibility but mainly to incorporate and develop meditation and breath work (pranayama) into his training.

    He attended his first yoga lesson in South India whilst on a 3 week ayurvedic retreat after travelling around the world for a year in 2009. He has been hooked ever since.

    Gus draws from a variety of yoga styles and a number of influences and graduated from the FHY 2015 teacher training intake (500hr yoga Alliance accreditation).

    Gus’s Lessons will be focused, challenging, supportive and often closing with a guided meditation.

  • Jude began practising hot yoga in 2010 whilst living in sunny and tropical Singapore. She discovered that she really liked the heat, and the way her body and mind felt after a class. She also found that the more yoga she did, the better she felt!

    Now back in the UK, Jude regularly practises hot yoga, ashtanga and yin, and firmly believes that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ yoga – you should just find a style that you love and keep doing it.

    Jude undertook the RYT500 FHY Teacher Training diploma in Watford and qualified in March 2016. Just as she has brought yoga into her own life and discovered a passion for it, she wants to help others embrace yoga, discover it, and reap all its many benefits.

  • Romana started her yoga journey 15 years ago while working at Triyoga London. Since then she completed foundation courses in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga but her passion for teaching was ignited when hot yoga became more popular.

    Romana has been teaching at FHY since 2014 and has trained in Vinyasa Flow and Mindful Yin Yoga. Expect to work deeply to rediscover your breath, open your mind and surrender to the feeling of complete relaxation.

    Romana’s teaching is safe and fun! She manually assists her students to fully experience their practice. Find her at FHY Watford on Thursday morning and at St. Albans on Sunday afternoon. Namaste x

  • Pam says…”Teaching yoga and seeing how it changes people is a pretty cool thing! You can see them walk into class looking a bit jaded and see them leave with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. My classes focus on alignment and breath and a bit of a sweat is guaranteed!”
  • After many years of yoga and meditation practice, I have come to learn that “yoga can provide us with the tools to heal our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, if we understand how to work within our own physical and mental limitations. Letting go of effort and surrendering to the body’s innate wisdom creates the space for growth within us.”

    Through continuous practice and study, I have been influenced by many influential teachers of yoga and body work, who inspire my teaching.

    I work with a strong focus on connection to the breath, which I believe “moves us deeper into both our yoga and meditation practices.”

    I promote balance in my classes with emphasis on a journey into stillness.

  • After listening to family members rave about how amazing hot yoga was, I finally gave it a go in March 2015 at the Feel studio in St Albans. I have no idea what asanas we did, what my breathing was like, or how flexible I was. But from the first class I was hooked. I loved the peace of the studio, the freedom of moving my body in a way I never had before, the connection between movement and breath… not to mention the SWEATING, which left me energised, and like I’d achieved a really good workout.

    After graduating from uni in July 2017 I decided to do my 200 Hr Ashtanga/Vinyasa teacher training in Goa, India. I started teaching as soon as I returned to the UK in November of that year, and haven’t looked back since. I’ve since completed a 50Hr Yoga Alliance Accredited course in Yin Yoga too. Yoga is a gift that keeps giving, and it’s both a pleasure and privilege to share this beautiful practice with others. See you in the studio!

  • Sue was a professional commercial and jazz dancer, and in the 80s toured with a small company mainly in the UK and Middle East. She started teaching ballet, contemporary and jazz which then progressed to teaching A Level, GCSE, and BTEC dance. Now she runs the dance course at West Herts College in Watford.

    On yoga she says…”I did yoga as a teen and hated it (I couldn’t understand why you weren’t allowed to leap round the room!). I came back to it when Feel Hot opened in St Albans but started regular practise when the Watford studio opened. I took Teacher Training because I didn’t think I was doing it right and I thought that was the best way to learn!”

  • On her journey to yoga Gina says… “In the 90’s I studied to be a social anthropologist but then parenthood diverted my attention away from a career in that field into a world of weird kid stuff, only to be brought back to it here at Feel, amongst you all.

    From the ladies in lycra, to the unfurling of mats and scouting the room for a space – anyone who knows me knows that I just am in love with all things yoga. And just to let you know, though I am a teacher, practicing pigeon or standing up in mountain, all the asanas are an effort for me, albeit a delightful one. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you wobble or if you can’t reach your toes – I really do appreciate that you have taken time out to nurture yourself in a busy world and will help you in any way I can. Namaste lovely fellow yogis – keep living the dream.”

  • “I used to be a ballet dancer and my dream was to pursue dancing for a living however my plans changed when I moved to London from South Africa. Whilst I was studying and working in London I found a new passion and hobby which was yoga. Once I started, I instantly became curious with yoga and I knew pretty quickly that it was something I would like to study further at some point which lead me to pursue and complete my yoga teacher training recently. I have now started teaching and I can’t express how much I am enjoying it!”
  • My yoga journey began when I recognised the need for a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Having participated in many other forms of exercise, including running marathons, I realised that yoga provided my body and mind with far more benefits. Yoga has helped me to find peace and acceptance and has helped me to deal with life’s obstacles feeling grounded and open-hearted. I love what yoga does for my body but what it has done for my mind has been life-changing. With a background in gymnastics and teaching, I enjoy planning and creating varied and imaginative sequences with options available for all. My classes combine dynamic movement with moments of inspiration and stillness, an emphasis on breath work and the importance of listening to one’s own body.
  • My yoga journey began when I was 20 working in London and I instantly fell in love. It was the first form of exercise that I felt a proper connection with and looked forward to doing. Over the years my practice became more frequent and when I discovered hot yoga 10 years ago I knew I had found my path.
    I soon learned yoga was so much more than a physical practice and I was able to develop a sense of peace and mindfulness which has changed my whole attitude to life. Without yoga balancing the mind body and soul I would not have been able to face the many challenges and obstacles I’ve faced.
    I am very excited and proud to have completed my 500 hour teacher training at Feel Hot Yoga and cannot wait to share my passion for yoga with others. In my classes I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice.
  • As Marketing Director for the French operations of a global private equity firm, I lived a stressful life and worked very long hours. I underwent a serious surgery which stopped me from partaking in sports for a while. This is when I discovered yoga which helped me to re-balance my body and mind.

    I have also understood that the body has no limit for improvement. This is the reason I became a teacher. I also want to share all I have learnt from the inspiring teachers I have been fortunate enough to work with.

    My style will help you to improve core strength and posture, develop balance, joy in movement and awareness, engendering in yourself a boundless Energy. All that with a very Frenchie touch!

    Today, I’m qualified in Yoga RYT500 FHY in 2017, Garuda Apparatus in 2018, Garuda Pilates Matwork, Garuda Graha and Buff bones® in 2019.

  • Amanda is a Certified Master Teacher with the Body Control Pilates™ Association, Europe’s leading professional body for teachers and REPs Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor – Lower Back Pain and a Back Care Professional. In addition Amanda is a qualified Yoga Teacher teaching yoga for several years.
  • I have been an instructor since 2004. I teach a wide variety of classes. I am very warm and friendly and always approachable. I have been teaching Pilates now for about 3 years . Every week. I love it.

    I have had a few injuries myself and getting slightly older my joints are begging me to make me realise that there are other forms of exercise that I can do. In the past it was always just high intensity and weights for me. That’s what led me to start doing Pilates. For me Pilates is very effective in a gentle way. The key factor for Pilates is that you really have to work from your core and it focuses on lengthening of the muscles.

  • As an ex-gymnast and being extremely active, fitness & movement have always been a huge part of my life. I have always looked after my body, but never took the time to look after my mind or to learn more about myself as a person.

    My first ever yoga class was at Feel Hot Yoga in St Albans and I haven’t looked back since. Yoga has not only kept me healthy but has taught me so much about myself, about self-acceptance and self-exploration.

    I have come full circle from my introduction to yoga, to completing my teacher training and I’m now back here at Feel sharing what I have learned. I want to encourage my students to explore yoga, explore themselves and to do so in a judgment free environment.”

  • I have been teaching for over 17years, working in fitness full time. I’m a qualified personal trainer and teach a variety of classes but enjoy Pilates, yoga and anything dance based most. Lately I’ve been moving away from high impact exercise and increasing my yoga practice. I’ve been involved with fitness and exercise for as long as I can remember practicing martial arts, running, cycling etc. Fitness is my job and my hobby!