Restorative Bliss

feel hot yoga restorative bliss workshop

With Rebecca Lewis

At this time of year there is a tremendous emphasis put on DOING something-whether it be to lose weight, exercise more, or become some ‘better’ version of yourself.

This follows on from a time of year when we experience additional social and financial demands that may have left our energy reserves over extended, dispersed and drained. Our capacity for change and transformation are not possible or sustainable when our energetic reserves are depleted.

Restorative yoga provides the space for regeneration. Once energy is restored, the next growth cycle does not feel quite so overwhelming.

Allow your body and mind to rest into a series of gently restorative poses and find an intention which you would like to set before you in 2020.

Come and enjoy this class that will make a real difference to your practice.

Sunday 12th January 2020
Feel Watford


Early bird deal £20 if pre-booked before 31st December.
Platinum, Silver & Off-peak members 20% off when booked in studio.

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