Restorative Bliss

feel hot yoga restorative bliss workshop

With Rebecca Lewis.

Do you have a hard time slowing down? Are you experiencing insomnia? Are you recovering from an injury or feeling stressed out? Do you fancy time out just for you?

In this workshop we shall be taking mat based poses such as light twists, forward folds and gentle backbends all using props to assist with holding the poses for longer. By slowing down we can open the body through passive stretching; by practising gentle movement and stillness for extended periods we allow the muscles to relax deeply and the breath to flow smoothly. Restorative yoga gives you the opportunity to notice where you hold your tension so that you can make small changes in your everyday life to reduce the stress which unwittingly builds up in your body.

Having relaxed the body and stilled the mind, we shall practise yoga nidra (or yogic sleep). This is a state in which the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. It is considered to be one of the deepest possible states of relaxation while maintaining consciousness.

Prepare to float out of the studio feeling like you haven’t a care in the world!

Sunday 29th September 2019
Feel Watford


Early bird price £20 when booked before 15th September
Platinum, Silver and Off-Peak members 20% off when booked in studio.
Usual terms and conditions apply.

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