Supper Club @ The Wellbeing Cafe

We are delighted to announce our first ever Wellbeing Cafe Supper Club!

Come and delight your tastebuds with a feast of vegetarian home cooking. A delicious 3 course meal including desert will be lovingly prepared for you and your friends at our beautiful cafe.

Bring your own wine and enjoy a memorable evening out with us.

Amandeep Verdding from Biba Kitchen is our food guru and nutritionist who will be your guest chef for the night.

Be inspired and treat your friends and family to a wonderful night of tasting!

Spaces are very limited, book yours here before 25th September and save 10%.

Saturday 14th October
The Wellbeing Cafe, Feel Watford


Early bird deal 10% off if you book before 25th September

Usual terms and conditions apply.

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