Think Yourself Happy with Self Hypnosis

Do you want to make changes in your life but now sure how to begin? Self-hypnosis can help you change your mind set to allow you to create a more positive and compelling future. It is an experiential workshop where you can enjoy the benefits of both group and self-hypnotic trance and understand how you can transform your goal setting and attainment to a new level.

It will benefit anyone with an open mind and willingness to engage with the skills taught. People who approach the workshop with a sense of curiosity can shift their perspectives, behaviours and beliefs to further their self-development.

This is a usual room temperature workshop.
Please wear comfortable clothes.

Rebecca Sanderson is Clinical Hypnotherapist and Director of The Mindset Clinic.

Open to all levels.

Saturday 14th January 2017
Feel Watford


Usual terms and conditions apply.

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