Which Class Should I Take?

You will see from our timetable we have a few different classes to choose from. Don’t worry too much about this. But here’s a heads up, if you are a complete beginner or want to start off gently, then try out our 60 or 75 minute classes first. Then work your way up to the 90 or 100 minute classes.
As a beginner you can take any class, however the general rule with yoga is – the longer the session – the tougher it is. See a class for yourself.

Class Classifications

All Levels
These classes are good for those looking to develop their yoga practise and are suitable for those just starting their yoga journey as well as those looking to develop their practice.
These classes are for anyone but include classes for specific groups such as mums and babies, children’s yoga or sound baths.
These classes will push people that bit more. A higher level of fitness and experience of yoga will help. Less instruction will be given to enable the class to flow more smoothly.

Class Descriptions

Stillness, Strength & Space

Starting off with pranayama breath work to oxygenate the body in preparation for the deep static isometric postures. All abilities can join in, it’s a challenging class but at a slightly slower pace which means that it wont feel like a confusing dance routine. All abilities.

Freedom Flow

Little more movement between the poses helps you to transition smoothly from one posture to another. This means you introduce some isotonic muscle work and bring a lightness and seemless flow to your practice. All abilities.

Get Up & Flow

This fun class is a great way to start the day.  Be prepared to sweat as you move through a sequence of postures to great music.  Ideal for anyone who wants to get their practice in early and then get on with the rest of the day. You will leave the class feeling energised, grounded and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Dynamic Freedom Flow

You love hot yoga and you love to work hard. This class takes no prisoners. Designed to work every muscle, fibre, cell and nerve in the body. Ideally suited to those who have just enough time for a class a week and really want to make it count and sporty types who love a challenge. 75 minutes later you will be sweaty but smiling… Go on, stretch yourself…

Power Hour

The Power Hour is an early morning class focusing on a high intensity, interval based workout followed by deep stretching. This class will provide a challenging cardio based workout using a mixture of your own body weight and yoga bricks. It will raise your heart rate and get the blood pumping for 40 minutes before a deep yoga based stretch for the final 20 minutes. It’s the ideal start to the day and you will build new levels of endurance, strength and flexibility.

Yin Yoga Classes

A series of long-held passive stretches which mainly work the lower body – hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine. Yin works deep into the connective tissues to make them longer and stronger, helping to increase flexibility. It is a profoundly deeper practice that will work your whole body & being. Can we warmed or heated depending on teacher and season.

Vinyasa Flow

You love yoga, especially the flowing variety. Sun salutations and downward dog are where you’re at. This is a dynamic fast moving paced class. Although beginners are welcome, be prepared for the challenge!

Friday Decompress (Watford only)

Need some time to unwind and decompress from the past 5 days? This is the best way to begin your weekend. 75 minutes of pure hot yoga bliss. The class is quieter than other evening sessions and will allow you the time and space to unwind and get into the weekend rhythm. Don’t miss it.

Decompress + Go Deeper

End of a toxic week at work? If you want to wipe the ‘stress slate’ clean and start your weekend well, try our Decompress + Go Deeper This is a 75 minute heated session followed by 15-20 minutes of deeper yogic practices including Pranayama, Meditation and cleansing rituals to bring you back into perfect balance.

Warm & Restorative

This is a gently warmed session. So the room is heated to around 28- 30 degrees, so it’s ideal for those still getting to grips with the hot sessions and those who want a more gentle way into Yoga. Still challenging, but it works well for beginners, older yogis as well as those getting back to exercise after illness or injury.


As you know, Feel has Yoga at its very heart. We absolutely love it. But to help our Yogis get the very most out of their practice, we believe the time is right to give the core its rightful importance. So we are delighted to introduce Pilates to the Feel timetable.  Pilates is the original core practice. It places great emphasis on building strength and toning and provides low-impact exercise that will strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Sound Bath

We welcome you to join us for the crystal bowls sound bath.  Enjoy a deep relaxation as the sounds reverberate around the room.  This truly is a weekly hour of bliss.

Mum & Baby Yoga
(Watford only)

You may have recently given birth, or perhaps baby is not quite a toddler? Either way, this class is the perfect way to spend some wonderful bonding and play time with your baby AND get yourself back into shape. Fifty minutes of blissful yoga for both of you, followed by refreshments to close. Bring baby’s favourite blanket, a yoga mat for yourself and we’ll provide the rest.

The session will be gently warmed but not hot, perfect for mother and baby.

See a class for yourself