Which Class Should I Take?

You will see from our timetable we have a few different classes to choose from. Don’t worry too much about this. But here’s a heads up, if you are a complete beginner or want to start off gently, then try out our 60 or 75 minute classes first. Then work your way up to the 90 or 100 minute classes.
As a beginner you can take any class, however the general rule with yoga is – the longer the session – the tougher it is. See a class for yourself.

Stillness, Strength & Space

Starting off with pranayama breath work to oxygenate the body in preparation for the deep static isometric postures. All abilities can join in, it’s a challenging class but at a slightly slower pace which means that it wont feel like a confusing dance routine. All abilities.

Dynamic Freedom Flow

You love hot yoga and you love to work hard. This class takes no prisoners. Designed to work every muscle, fibre, cell and nerve in the body. Ideally suited to those who have just enough time for a class a week and really want to make it count and sporty types who love a challenge. 75 minutes later you will be sweaty but smiling… Go on, stretch yourself…

Warm Yin Flow

If you haven’t tried Yin yet… Where have you been?

Yin yoga is all about finding the space within. Flow is about the grace and flow of uniting movement with breath. Blend the two and you have the most delicious class that 75 minutes can offer. The room is warmed but not too hot. The asanas and the pace allow you to go deep into connective tissue aiding increased flexibility and releasing tension. You’ll come out feeling warmed, relaxed and wonderful. Try it. You’ll be glad you did.

Non-Heated Classes

Some like it hot… Some not. If you are still deliberating about whether hot yoga is for you, no problem we have this wonderful 60 minute ambient room temperature session you can enjoy. A little flow interweaved with some static hatha poses will surely satisfy all your yoga yearnings. See you on the mat!

If you wish to book this class you can buy the Non-Heated packs or the Non-heated drop in. Please note if you have a ‘hot class’ pack or a ‘hot class drop in’ it will also work for this session..

Friday Decompress (Watford only)

Need some time to unwind and decompress from the past 5 days? This is the best way to begin your weekend. 75 minutes of pure hot yoga bliss. The class is quieter than other evening sessions and will allow you the time and space to unwind and get into the weekend rhythm. Don’t miss it.

Mum & Baby Yoga
(Watford only)

You may have recently given birth, or perhaps baby is not quite a toddler? Either way, this class is the perfect way to spend some wonderful bonding and play time with your baby AND get yourself back into shape. Fifty minutes of blissful yoga for both of you, followed by refreshments to close. Bring baby’s favourite blanket, a yoga mat for yourself and we’ll provide the rest.

The session will be gently warmed but not hot, perfect for mother and baby.

Freedom Flow

Little more movement between the poses helps you to transition smoothly from one posture to another. This means you introduce some isotonic muscle work and bring a lightness and seemless flow to your practice. All abilities.

Breakfast Express

If you’ve never had hot yoga for breakfast… Where have you been?? This is the best way to get your body and brain cells firing on all cylinders ready for the day ahead. 45 minutes gives you just enough to get the blood pumping. Don’t worry about shower gels or hair dryers, we have those too. Set your alarm, and see you on the mat!

Yin Yoga Classes

A series of long-held passive stretches which mainly work the lower body – hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine. Yin works deep into the connective tissues to make them longer and stronger, helping to increase flexibility. It is a profoundly deeper practice that will work your whole body & being. Can we warmed or heated depending on teacher and season.

Warm & Restorative

This is a gently warmed session. So the room is heated to around 28- 30 degrees, so it’s ideal for those still getting to grips with the hot sessions and those who want a more gentle way into Yoga. Still challenging, but it works well for beginners, older yogis as well as those getting back to exercise after illness or injury.

Decompress + Go Deeper

End of a toxic week at work? If you want to wipe the ‘stress slate’ clean and start your weekend well, try our Decompress + Go Deeper This is a 75 minute heated session followed by 15-20 minutes of deeper yogic practices including Pranayama, Meditation and cleansing rituals to bring you back into perfect balance.

Vinyasa Flow

You love yoga, especially the flowing variety. Sun salutations and downward dog are where you’re at. This is a dynamic fast moving paced class. Although beginners are welcome, be prepared for the challenge!

Karma Class

Karma Class is about giving back. We have some awesome new teachers coming through our 500 hour teacher training programme and this class is a way of allowing them to get some valuable teaching experience as well as 50% of all the class profits going towards charity. Our current cause is the Syrian refugee crisis or a cause close to the teachers heart. You can pay as usual (and if you wish to donate a little more – it will go directly to the cause). These sessions will be a mixed ability warm yoga class. Lets make a difference through Yoga. All abilities.

See a class for yourself