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What is yoga therapy?

We all know that Yoga is a great way to improve one’s flexibility and strength. But, in India, Yoga has also been used for hundreds of years to treat a whole variety of conditions – physical as well as psychological. No two yoga therapy sessions are the same. Depending on the symptoms or the desired outcome, a therapist can work on specific areas of the body to create ease, balance and flow. As well as focused postural work, treatments can look at lifestyle, sleep, diet and even breathing patterns.

We work practically and sensitively with people who have a serious illness. This can be physical, such as cancer, or mental, such as depression. Working one-to-one, our experts create a tailored programme to support them through the healing process. Our Yoga Therapy teaches how to help master emotions and thought patterns, so that healing and real change come from within. It is not a substitute for traditional medicines and treatment [indeed we would never advise against them]; it is designed to work alongside them.

Some common conditions that Yoga Therapy can support include stress and anxiety related tension & sleep disturbances, post chemotherapy / radiotherapy recovery, infertility issues, erectile dysfunction, back pain, stiffness, headaches, digestive disturbances and even coping with exam stress.

I had a really wonderful day at Yoga Therapy. I was very relaxed afterwards. I enjoyed it so much. I now want to do some more classes and further courses. I Thought the Teacher Nina, was very understanding and very patient. Thank you very much.Valerie Muscat


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Feel Hot Yoga and Wellbeing yoga therapy