Like Jamie Oliver, we have #AdEnough too!

TV chef, healthy eating campaigner, and all-round good guy Jamie Oliver has recently launched a social media campaign titled #AdEnough, calling for an end to the advertising of junk food that, he believes, is harmful towards children.

He argues that kids are being bombarded with adverts for foods that are high in sugars, fats and salts, making it difficult for children to make the right decisions about what they eat, undoing all the good work teachers and parents do in schools and at home and fuelling the child obesity crisis in the UK.

What does he want?

He’s calling for the government to impose a 9pm watershed on TV advertising of junk food, and for tighter controls on what adverts are allowed on public transport, in the streets and online.

He argues that, at the moment, the only way for children to be protected from these harmful ads is to literally cover their eyes. So, with that in mind, he wants as many people as possible to post selfies with them covering their eyes, and hash tagging #AdEnough. By making enough noise, the government may listen and get debating this issue in Parliament!

Some famous names have already joined the campaign, including Fearne Cotton, Laura Whitmore and “The Body Coach” Joe Wicks.

At The Wellbeing Cafe we pride ourselves on our fresh, healthy, nutritious food, and we think its crucial for our kids to have healthy diets free from too much junk food. So, we are joining in the campaign!

Check out this link for more info: and join the campaign by taking a selfie covering your eyes and hashtag #adenough. Tag @feelwellbeing in your post too!

Feel Well, Be Well.


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