Reflexology – what it’s all about

Reflexology is a form of specialist massage on the feet. The idea behind it is that different parts of the feet have connections to corresponding parts in your body. By applying pressure to different areas you can relieve stress and treat ailments in the corresponding part. Eunice Ingham was the first person to map out the feet as we know them today, way back in the 1930s (see image below, from the Association of Reflexologists).

There are lots of different theories of how reflexology works: nerve impulse theory, the unblocking of energy meridians (as with acupuncture), the relaxing effect that reduces pain/discomfort/illness caused by stress, and finally – the placebo effect (which plays a part in all therapies).

Reflexology can be used for numerous reasons; from someone who just finds it relaxing and calming, to someone who uses it to treat a very specific injury or ailment, or chronic pain.

Reflexology, similarly to yoga, is for anyone and everyone, and how often you get the treatment will just depend on your reasons for having reflexology treatment in the first place.

Although there haven’t been tons of clinical trials on reflexology, there are some studies suggesting that reflexology is good for pain, improves circulation and helps enhance relaxation. There is, however, LOTS of anecdotal evidence; people testifying how effective reflexology treatment has been for them. So, the key is to try it for yourself and see how it works for you!

At Feel Hot Yoga, we are running a 9 month Reflexology Diploma starting in February 2019. It is a 136 hour course through which you will become a qualified Reflexology therapist. It is a practitioner level qualification, accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. The modules cover numerous topics, ranging from Anatomy and Physiology, the history and origins of Reflexology, practical reflexology treatment, health and safety, and the subtle body.

The programme is taught by the lovely Izzy Eagles, who has been a Reflexology practitioner for over 10 years. She works with clients suffering from various physical and emotional conditions, using reflexology as one way to restore their body’s natural balance and encourage healing. She has been a teacher trainer for 8 years now, after graduating from the University of Greenwich and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and love for these life-changing holistic treatments.

She is running a FREE information session at the Feel Wellbeing Watford studio on Saturday 17th November between 1-2pm. Come along to find out more about the course, about reflexology in general, and to have ALL your questions answered.

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