Which Class Should I Take?

If you’re new to yoga or hot yoga we would suggest our stillness, strength and space classes, hatha flow or decompress classes are a great way to start.  Or if you would prefer to try an unheated class first, then our gentle yoga sessions can be a great introduction.

Doing regular exercise and think you’ll be fine with the heat, then you’re welcome at one of our flow classes but we suggest you try one of the all levels classes first.

Whatever you decide our intro offer is a great way to make sure you have the chance to try a few classes with a few different teachers to see what works best for you. See a class for yourself.

Class Classifications

All Levels
These classes are good for those looking to develop their yoga practise and are suitable for those just starting their yoga journey as well as those looking to develop their practice.
These classes are for anyone but include classes for specific groups such as mums and babies, children’s yoga or sound baths.
These classes will push people that bit more. A higher level of fitness and experience of yoga will help. Less instruction will be given to enable the class to flow more smoothly.

Class Descriptions

See a class for yourself