Inspiring Yogis: The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

oldest yoga teacher

Sometimes we need a little motivation in life, whether we are struggling to make time to connect body and mind on the yoga mat or need the drive to achieve our personal development goals. Somedays we need the motivation just to drag ourselves out of bed each morning! If your well of inspiration is running dry then here is our answer: Täo Porchon-Lynch. Täo is a 98-year-old yoga teacher who currently holds the title of the oldest yoga teacher in the entire world.

Täo has been practicing yoga since she was a child growing up in Pondicherry, India, and after fleeing to Britain during WWII she then moved to Hollywood to work as an actress and teach yoga to other actresses. She has spent time with Mahatma Gandhi, studied yoga with B. K. S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, and meets regularly with Deepak Chopra.

For decades Täo has taught five yoga classes a week in New York to a devoted band of yoga students. Three hip replacements have done nothing to hold her back and she is also a competitive ballroom dancer in addition to teaching yoga. Since 2012, when Täo officially became the world’s oldest yoga teacher, she has become a refreshing yoga celebrity and internet sensation! As a result Täo has taken part in a discussion panel with the Dalai Lama and regularly appears at yoga festivals and retreats all over the world. We think we could all benefit from channeling some of Täo’s energy into our own lives and yoga practice.

Learn more about Täo Porchon-Lynch by reading this eye-opening NY Times profile. If you are feeling inspired to get on the mat check out our timetable and book a class now!

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