Yoga Saves Lives!

On Monday, news broke about an incredible story of survival at sea. Kay Longstaff, a 46-year-old British passenger on a cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea, fell from the boat and spent ten hours floating in the sea before being rescued by the Croatian coastguard.

She credits yoga (and singing) for her survival, saying that her level of fitness from practicing yoga regularly helped her to keep afloat and survive the traumatic ordeal. Perhaps surprisingly, she has been deemed physically fine after the incident, and as of Monday was only being assessed at the Croatian hospital for stress.

The muscular strength, determination and confidence you build in your yoga practice helps you through everyday life, but will also be useful in times of stress or pressure. During a more dynamic flow the increased heart rate improves stamina and endurance. Finally, the calmness and slowing down of the body we can create with deep, slow pranayama exercises can help reduce anxiety, stress and panicking in certain situations. Obviously, Kay Longstaff’s experience was out of the ordinary, but it just goes to show the lengths to which yoga can help us.

You just never know when your yoga practice might come in handy! So keep practicing, grow stronger and feel AMAZING.

Feel well, be well


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